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Post  Sath on Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:43 pm

There are all top3 TEH scores in:

22.08.2009 2v2 ep, 1st place (Kevv, Jerry)
05.09.2009 3v3 ep, 3rd place (Kevv, Jose, Cherry)
13.09.2009 4v4 pcl, 2nd place (Kevv, Jose, Jerry, Sath)


19.09.2009 2v2 ep, 3rd place (Kevv, Jose)
12.10.2009 3v3 pcl, 1st place (Kevv, Jose, Cherry) and 3rd place (Rogger, Kax, Dami)
25.10.2009 4v4 pcl, 3rd place (Kevv, Jose, Cherry, Rogger)
29.11.2009 3v3 pcl, 2nd place (Sath, Jerry, Fafnir)
05.12.2009 2v2 ep, 2nd place (Kevv, Jose)
14.11.2009-09.12.2009 1v1 pcl+ep, 2nd place, (Kevv)
13.12.2009 2v2 pcl, 3rd place (Kevv, Jose)
19.12.2009 4v4 ep, 3rd place (Kevv, Jose, Jerry, Sath)
27.12.2009 4v4 pcl, 3rd place (Kevv, Jose, Jerry, Sath)
07.02.2010 2v2 pcl/ar, 2nd place (Sath, Emb)


21.02.2010 2v2 pcl/ar. 1st place (Sath, Emb)

will be continued... Smile


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